Apple to offer iPhone 5 at $100 discount in stores

Credit: Apple

At Tuesday’s special event, Apple discontinued its popular iPhone 5 smartphone in favor of the iPhone 5C. But if the 5’s design is what you desire, there’s still a chance to snag it: Apple’s retail stores are currently offering last year’s model at a $100 discount.

First reported by iLounge and independently confirmed by Macworld, Apple’s retail stores are offering their remaining stocks of the iPhone 5 at $100 off the purchase price. That would be $99/$199/$299 for 16/32/64GB models with a cellular contract and $549/$649/$749 off-contract, respectively.

But don’t dally: This deal lasts only until next week’s iPhone 5c launch date. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a store nearby, you're out of luck, as the iPhone 5 no longer shows up online—even in Apple's refurbished section.

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