Clockwise Podcast 9: New iPhones and evil twins

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We're back with another podcast that's done in 30 minutes and is free! Every week we welcome guests from PCWorld/Macworld/TechHive to discuss four tech topics in 30 minutes. Plus each week we'll thrown in a bonus topic that's, er, off topic.

This week Senior Writer Lex Friedman and Staff Writer Florence Ion join us to discuss Apple's iPhone launch! Topics covered: The iPhone 5c versus the 5s, Apple playing catch-up to other phones, the merits of fingerprint sensors, and the case against Apple's iPhone cases.

Mentioned in this episode: Jason's piece about the iPhone 5c, Flo's piece about Apple playing catch-up, Apple's fingerprint scanner, and Apple's iPhone 5c cases.

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This story, "Clockwise Podcast 9: New iPhones and evil twins" was originally published by TechHive.

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