Perfect Weather lets you GIF the current conditions

Perfect Weather is the Goldilocks’ porridge of iPhone weather apps. It’s just right. Also like a hot bowl of porridge, it’s at its best when the weather is bad.

See, the fog really does go away. Sometimes.

The app shows you an attractive map of your chosen location overlaid with either the cloud cover or NOAA radar. If you tap the play button in the bottom-left, you can even see an animation of how that map changed over the last three hours. That’s great if you want to see if the clouds are blowing through quickly, or if the rainstorm will move through without hitting you directly.

The 1.1 update released Wednesday even lets you send an animated GIF of the cloud cover or the radar, via AirDrop, Facebook, Twitter, Messages, or email. The GIF is shared as a link to a webpage, but from there you can save the actual GIF file for posterity, if that's your thing.

The rest of the app’s data is tucked away in an expandable strip along the top, and you just drag it down like a window shade to reveal a 7-day forecast, a chart showing how the temperature will change throughout the day, and those extra tidbits like humidity and dew point.

Tapping the very top bar showing the location shows all the cities you’re tracking, laid out like a stack of cards. (This is where you’d add more cities too.) This view even shows the current temperature in each city at once, a nice touch.

Perfect Weather is currently $2 on the App Store, on sale from its usual price of $3.

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