Apple's Aperture update fixes face detection

When Apple released Aperture update 3.5.1 late Thursday afternoon—an update to its pro photo management software—the fix was designed to solve face detection problems. The update is free for version 3 users.

In addition to face detection, the new version also corrects problems with temperature and tint white balance and fixed a problem with adding metadata when moving between photos via the arrow key. The update also promises to improve overall stability.

 Aperture is available from the App Store for $80.

At a Glance
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    • Retina display support
    • Faster importing, especially for Raw shooters
    • Overall performance improvement on compatible Macs
    • Unified library structure for iPhoto/Aperture
    • Improved editing tools
    • Cleaner user interface
    • AVCHD video support
    • No cost to upgrade


    • Requires Mac OS X 10.7.4
    • Some may miss advanced Highlights/Shadows sliders
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