Podcast: Is Apple still an innovator?

There’s been a lot of talk about Apple and innovation in the tech press lately, and probably not in a way that Apple would prefer. Elsewhere on Macworld, my colleague Christopher Breen wrote a thoughtufl piece on innovation and iteration—so thoughtful, in fact, that I thought we’d discuss it further on the latest Macworld Podcast.

Chris and senior editor Dan Moren join me to talk about what it means to innovate, when Apple’s met that standard, and areas that are ripe for a little of Cupertino’s innovative magic going forwared.

Show notes

While discussing Chris’s article, we mention another piece by one of our Macworld contributors; Lex Friedman recently wrote about his wavering trust in Apple. (That article didn’t please our in-house media critic The Macalope, who was not shy about taking Lex to task.)

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