Holi's iOS-controlled lamp adjusts to fit your mood

LAS VEGAS—As as is becoming readily apparent from this week’s International CES, plenty of companies are developing ways to let you control the lighting of a room from your smartphone. But the people who make Holi think you should also be able to set a mood as well.

Holi is a uniquely shaped lamp—it’s an aluminum square that, instead of featuring a single bulb, contains 18 individually-controlled LEDs. That allows the lamp to give off light in a number of different colors and shades.

holi Photo: Philip Michaels

Holi, an iOS-controlled lamp, had some time in the spotlight at CES this week.

Exactly what color and intensity the Holi displays is up to you, with the help of a mobile app. The app—currently available for iOS, with an Android version coming in February—features around 50 different lighting effects, all tailored to specific moods.

Got a party going on? Try the Celebration setting. Feeling more contemplative? Moonlight seems like a nice option. Or, if none of Holi’s preset lighting options does the trick for you, you can always create your own on a tappable color wheel-like screen. (Holi’s makers say you can even save a setup if you find a scene you like.)

holi app

You can adjust Holi’s lighting with one of the preset effects in the accompanying mobile app (right), or come up with your own setting (left).

The lamp-app combo provides more than just light; Holi also has a sound element, with the lamp able to stream the music stored on your device’s library over its Bluetooth connection. In February, Holi is expected to add Spotify support.

The lamp has one other feature if you’re not exactly a morning person. Holi’s settings include a dawn simulator mode that lets users wake up naturally, instead of jarring them awake with an alarm. You set a time in the app, and the lamp brightens over time to help you wake up gradually.

Already available in Europe, Holi should arrive in the U.S. this March. When it does, it will carry a $199 price tag.

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