How to transfer camera images to an iPad with an old adapter

lightning adapter

Reader Joan Morton has an old adapter but is considering a new one. She writes:

When I purchased my original iPad I also bought Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit—the two adapters that let you import pictures via USB or an SD card. I now have an iPad Air and wondered if there was some way I could continue using them.

The unspoken elipsis in your question is “These things have a 30-pin connector and my iPad Air has a Lightning connector so….”

The answer is yes, you can continue to use them with the assistance of a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter, such as the $29 model offered by Apple. You just place it between the iPad and original camera connection adapter and you’ll still be able to import your images from a connected camera or SD card.

Alternatively you can start fresh by purchasing an adapter specifically made with the Lightning connector in mind. Apple offers two in the form of the $29 Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and the just-as-$29 Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader. If you use only one of the adapters that came in the original iPad Camera Connection Kit it’s six-of-one, half-dozen-of-another. If, however, you found a use for both of the original adapters, pay $29 once and get the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter.

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