When 'Save As' says you don't have permission

When using Save As, a reader keeps getting a message that they lack permission to save files. There's an answer, though a slightly irritating one.

save as primary

Jim Elkins is in a pickle. Since updating to Yosemite 10.10.3, he can’t save files via Save As.

I get the message: “The document could not be exported as ‘name.’ You do not have permission.”

This is very likely a problem that I’ve heard a lot about lately and never previously, which might indicate that a Yosemite update tripped a permission lever unintentionally for some people.

While there’s a Terminal-based process to work through this, I’m reluctant to ask people who don’t routinely use command-line instructions to muck about with them when file permissions are involved. Instead, you have to restart your Mac, but it’s quite straightforard.

mac 911 reset home directory permissions

The Reset Password option in Recovery mode lets you fix permissions associated with your home directory.

  1. Select  > Restart.

  2. After the Mac shuts down and makes the startup chime, immediately hold down Command-R to boot into Recovery mode.

  3. After the Recovery screen appears, select the menu item Utilties > Terminal.

  4. Type resetpassword and press Return. Don’t worry: this won’t reset your password.

  5. A dialog appears from which you can select your startup volume if it’s not selected by default.

  6. Pick your username from the Select the User Account dropdown menu.

  7. In the lower-right corner of the screen, click Reset next to the Reset Home Directory Permissions and ACLs area.

  8. Now choose File > Quit, and then in the main Recovery window, choose  > Restart.

When your system comes back up with your OS X installation, this problem should be resolved.

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