Take an inside look at the new Apple Museum in Prague

Check out this private museum featuring all your favorite Apple gadgets, from the Apple I to the first iPod, as well as vintage memorabilia and even Steve Jobs' iconic black turtleneck.

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Apple fanboys and fangirls, behold!

Thanks to our friends at, we got a special look inside the new Apple Museum that just opened in Prague.

Billed as a “unique exhibition of Apple products, 1976 - 2012,” this private museum features all your favorite Apple gadgets, from the Apple I to the first iPhone, plus vintage artifacts and memorabilia—even a black turtleneck similar to the one Steve Jobs always wore.

In U.S. dollars, admission into the Apple Museum costs about $12.

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Blast from Apple's past

Fron the outside, the Apple Museum could easily be mistaken for an Apple Store from the '90s.

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Apple I

The museum’s first room is dedicated to the first computer Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak ever built back in 1976. The Apple I exhibit includes an original operation manual signed by Woz.

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Look but don't touch

Reminds us of the Macworld storage room.

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The Apple product family tree

Even though the Apple Museum doesn’t have every Apple product ever released, it does a pretty good job of cataloguing them in this visual wall display.

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Macintosh 120K

The launch of the Macintosh in 1984 serves as the opening scene in the recent Steve Jobs movie.

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Jobs & Woz

The Apple Museum doesn’t just have products on display, it also has interesting vintage memorabilia, like this signed photo of Apple’s original dream team.

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Steve's uniform

And weirdly enough: a black turtleneck, a pair of blue jeans and sneakers. Just to give visitors and idea of the Steve Jobs signature look.

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Mobile museum guide

Fitting enough, visitors to the Apple Museum can access a tour guide via their iPhones. The museum has a dedicated mobile site with information on all the products on displays.

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Newton eMate 300

A touchscreen laptop with a stylus and built-in keyboard? Say hello to the iPad Pro’s dad.

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An Apple Car?

Somehow we doubt that Apple's forthcoming electric car will take any design inspiration from this heavily branded racing car.

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Back when no one thought the 3.5mm headphone jack was too thick.

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iPod Family Tree

The success of the iPod launched an entirely new product line for Apple.

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Remembering Steve Jobs

The Apple Museum is perhaps more about Steve Jobs than it is about the company’s history. The museum even includes products and memoriabilia from when Jobs was ousted from Apple, including his stints at NeXT and Pixar. Here is a wall filled with adulation for the late founder.

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The best business contact in town

Steve Jobs’s business card from he served as president of NeXT.

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The most successful Apple product ever lives in a museum—and in a lot of people’s hands.

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Certified influential

During his career, Jobs graced the cover of Time magazine more than a few times.

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Exit through the gift shop

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