Limited time offer: Pre-Order The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course - Deal Alert

ios course

What better way to prepare for iOS 10’s arrival than with nearly 200 hours of premium training? Pre-order the Complete iOS 10 Developer Course for $29, and you’ll be more than set to craft stunning apps certain to top the iTunes Store leaderboard.

Whether you’re mastering the fundamentals of programming, or digging into iOS 10-specific features (improved AI and Siri function, anyone?)--this course will have you covered. And afterwards, dive into the bonus ‘The Complete iOS 9 Hacker Training’ course really brush up on your skills. You’ll make dozens of apps with Swift 2 and Xcode 7, giving you a hefty portfolio of apps that’ll more than prep you for the iOS 10 revolution.

You can pre-order the Complete iOS 10 Developer Course for only $29--more than 90% off the retail price.

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