The Week in Mac Apps: Play Pong on the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

The week in Mac apps
Credit: IDG
More apps for your Mac

This week’s roundup of new Mac Apps helps you unwind with fun games, keep an eye on your projects, visualize your ideas, and much more.

Affinity Photo 1.5.1
Credit: Serif
Affinity Photo 1.5.1

Serif’s $40 Affinity Photo (Mac App Store link) now comes with full support for the Touch Bar and introduces all-new features to help you make your photos even more stunning.

The app lets you edit images by tweaking their parameters and touching them up with a selection of brushes and text tools, features a fully customizable user interface, and comes with support with a variety of files formats, including RAW data from over seventy cameras.

BusyCal 3
Credit: BusyMac
BusyCal 3

Make the most out of your day with BusyCal’s $30 BusyCal 3 (Mac App Store link) and its powerful organizational tools to stay on top of all your activities.

The app provides a convenient place where you can browse all your upcoming events and to-dos right within your calendar. Additionally, BusyCal allows you to customize its window to best suit your needs, can be quickly accessed from the menu bar, and includes alarm notification that keep you up-to-speed with everything that needs your attention.

TouchBar Pong
Credit: Ferdinand Loesch
TouchBar Pong

Ferdinand Loesch’s TouchBar Pong turns the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar into a modern take on the classic video game Pong.

The app lets you control your paddle with your fingers in a mano-a-mano battle against an AI opponent that comes with two difficulty settings—a perfect way to kill some time and play with Apple’s latest innovation!

CrossOver 16
Credit: CodeWeavers
CrossOver 16

CodeWeavers’ $60 CrossOver helps you run your Windows applications right on your Mac without having to rely on a virtual machine.

CrossOver makes quick work of installing any supported Windows-based app by simply clicking on its icon on your dock and setting up a native environment in which it can run. By running your software directly on macOS, you can take advantage of your computer’s full capabilities rather than relying on a virtualized environment, resulting in higher performance and better integration with our Mac.

Firewatch 1.0.6
Credit: Campo Santo
Firewatch 1.0.6

Embark into a witty adventure with Campo Santo’s $20 Firewatch (Mac App Store link), where your goal is to solve the mystery surrounding the strange events happening around you.

The game features beautiful environments, a catchy soundtrack, and a compelling storyline based on your ability to establish and nurture relationships with a host of fun and engaging characters—everything you need to spend a few hours away from the grind of daily life.

Credit: 4Videosoft Studio
Free MKV to MP4 Converter 5.1.13

4Videosoft Studio.‘s Free MKV to MP4 Converter (Mac App Store link) helps you transfer your movie files to your iTunes’ library in a few simple steps.

After opening the app, you can add the video you wish to import over and begin its conversion with the option of exporting its audio separately. Additionally, you can tweak frame rate and resolution, trim your clip, and even merge different files together.

Credit: Nozbe

The latest update to Nozbe’s eponymous task-management app (Mac App Store link) introduces weekly reports and One Drive integration to increase your productivity.

Nozbe helps you keep track of your projects while providing you all the necessary tools to create, edit, and manage your tasks. The app also includes a Notification Center widget where you can quickly add new events and get a quick preview of your daily priority list.

OmniPlan 3 3.6.1
Credit: The Omni Group
OmniPlan 3 3.6.1

The Omni Group’s OmniPlan 3 (Mac App Store link) lets you bring order to your ideas with handy Gantt charts and diagrams customized to fit your needs.

Omni Plan 3 offers a convenient calendar to keep track of your deadlines and allows you to organize your work using a variety of tools and techniques. It also comes with a suite of collaboration tools designed to help your entire team contribute to a project using a common workflow.

PriceWatcher 1.2.9
Credit: PriceWatcher
PriceWatcher 1.2.9

The $5 PriceWatcher (Mac App Store link) helps you monitor all kinds of great online deals right from your desktop.

The app allows you to find a product or service and automatically check its price on several popular online stores like Amazon, iTunes, and to help you find the best possible deal. You can even set it up to monitor things while you’re away, and notify you of price drops via e-mail, or show you a historical chart of price changes over time.