The Week in iOS Accessories: More accessories seen at CES

This week's roundup is full of more iOS-compatible devices seen at last week's Consumer Electronics Show.

The week in iOS accessories
Credit: IDG
New gear for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

This week’s roundup is full of more iOS-compatible devices seen at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show. Read on! 

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The Skyn is billed as “the world’s first wearable alcohol monitor.” The device can either be integrated into an Apple Watch watchband or worn by itself to track your blood alcohol levels, and notify you when it’s a good idea to slow your roll, or even stop drinking altogether. No word on pricing or shipping, but you can sign up at the website to get an email notification when info becomes available.

Credit: CMRA

CMRA ($169 MSRP) is an Apple Watch band with front and rear HD cameras, making video chat and quality photos available directly from your wrist. Its features include an “all-day” battery that makes it possible to capture up to a half-hour of video on a single charge. Pre-order now, and the device comes with a free charging dock for your watch.

d linkomna
Credit: D-Link

Omna ($230 MSRP) is an Apple HomeKit-compatible camera, featuring a 180-degree field of view and offering 1080-pixel resolution picture for the viewer. CNET points out that you can also control the device using Siri. The device is expcted to ship during 2017’s first quarter.

Credit: Flir

Flir’s iOS-ready thermal cameras—devices that attach to your iPhone—have been around for years, but the third generation Flir One ($200 MSRP) still caught some attention at CES. The new device improves on previous models by having an adjustable-height connector, so it plugs into your phone even when the phone remains inside a case. The companion Flir One Pro ($400 MSRP) is designed for more rugged use, on job sites.The shipping for both devices is expected in the first half of 2017.

Credit: JAM Audio
JAM Audio

Lots of new products from this company at CES. The JAM Session ($250 MSRP), JAM Note ($120 MSRP) and JAM Voice ($60 MSRP) are all portable speakers—connect over W-Fi or Bluetooth—outfitted with Amazon’s “Alexa” personal assistant voice technology; JAM Symphony ($170 MSRP) and JAM Rhythm ($120 MSRP) are Wi-Fi-enabled speakers designed for home use; personal audio products include the Unleashed ($120 MSRP, pictured) wireless earbuds, Transit 2.0 ($70 MSRP) wireless headphones, Contour ($80 MSRP) collared earbuds and Comfort Buds 2.0 ($60 MSRP), which are like Contour, but offer 10 additional hours of playback.

Credit: Kanex

GoPlay Sidekick ($59.95 MSRP) “is a pocket-sized wireless game controller for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Certified by Apple, this portable controller works with almost any controller-supported game on the App Store. The rechargeable battery provides 20 hours of gameplay and uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your device.” The device ships in February.

Credit: Moen

Now your iPhone can help you take the shower ever. Moen’s U ($1,225 MSRP) lets you use an app on your phone to set your shower to the perfect temperature—no more fiddling forever with the faucet to get it just right; the app tells you when the water is just right to climb in. You can even start the shower from the app, or pause the stream to avoid wasting water.

Credit: Twelve South
Twelve South

You’re used to seeing after-work athletes hit gym with armbands cradling their iPhones; the ActionSleeve ($30) does the exact same thing for your Apple Watch. Even from your bicep, Twelve South says, the Apple Watch remains fully viewable and controllable. But why would you want this? Twelve South says: “Sports like Kickboxing, Weightlifting and CrossFit often require protective sports gear and full wrist mobility that can rule out the use of Apple Watch on the wrist.”

Credit: Withings

You can even use your iPhone to … brush your hair. Hair Coach is a brush that sends data back to an app on your phone, filled with metrics on the dryness of your hair, the force and rhthm of your brush strokes, a stroke count, and more. Sign up at the website for more details; the product is expected to ship in the fall (and we kind of want to try it out).