The Week in iOS Apps: Share and compare music with MusiCloud Pro, Synchronicity

week in ios apps
Credit: Rob Schultz/Macworld
Tuneful offerings

This week's roundup features two new apps to help you manage your music collections, plus offerings to help you maintain your iPhone, navigate the outdoors, and play Pokemon.

Credit: MusiCloud
MusiCloud Pro

If you’re still collecting music the new-old fashioned way—your own files, instead of streaming—MusiCloud Pro ($3, iPhone and iPad) is around to help you keep things organized: This app helps you manage and listen to music you store in your own cloud services; it lets you manage your collection via Dropbox or One Drive.

Credit: Synchronicity

Synchronicity (free, iPhone and iMessage) bills itself as “the first iOS app that makes it easy to compare Apple Music libraries with your friends, over iMessage or WiFi.” Your “Synchronicity Index” tells you how much music you have in common, and lets you easily access links to download, purchase or play music not already in your library.

clean master
Credit: Clean Master
Clean Master

Clean Master (free, iPhone and iPad) is designed to help you clean up storage on your iOS device. It can identify duplicate photos to delete, find “useless videos” that won’t ever see the light of day again, and lets you bulk delete both. It also features network speed tests, a battery health monitor, and tool to track your data usage.

Credit: Empower

Empower (free, iPhone) is the latest in a long line of financial-management apps: It lets you see your account balances, set a monthly spending limit, get alerts for credit card charges, and “autosave” extra money without overdrawing your account.

fidget spinner
Credit: Fidget Spinner
Fidget Spinner Game Toy

Honestly, we hadn’t heard of “fidget spinners” until last week. Now it’s all we hear about. Fidget Spinner Game Toy (free, iPhone and iPad) is the iOS version of the phenomenon, naturally.

natural atlas
Credit: Natural Atlas
Natural Atlas

Natural Atlas ($6, iPhone) is a GPS for when you go off the beaten path, helping you navigate outdoor hiking and biking trips and track your whereabouts topographically. It also aids in the taking of geotagged photos, and has a ton of other features.

Credit: Pokemon
Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump (free, in-app purchases, iPhone and iPad) is a game all about “the weakest Pokemon”  — your job is to feed and train the Magikarp so it becomes something more than the weak, useless thing it is into the Charles Atlas of Pokemon.

prizmo go
Credit: Prizmo Go
Prizmo Go

Prizmo Go (free, in-app purchases, iPhone and iPad) lets you cut and paste real-world text using your device’s camera: Just shooting, then you can highlight it, copy it, or tap to call phone numbers, send email, or open an address in Apple Maps.

Credit: Betterment
Others of note

Clash of the Clans has updated with a brand-new clash … Betterment (pictured) is an “online financial advisor” that just launched Version 7.0 with a redesigned look. ... Zombie Gunship Survival features zombies, gunships, and survival.