This Week in iOS Apps: Backtrack Golf helps improve your game

This week's roundup also includes apps to help you manage tasks, track weather, and even call a locksmith.

week in ios apps
Credit: Rob Schultz/Macworld
Good for your game

This week’s roundup includes a new app that improves your golf game, and also includes apps to help you manage tasks, track weather, and even call a locksmith. Read on!

Credit: Backtrack Golf
Backtrack Golf

Backtrack Golf ($10, iPhone) logs where you went and when you stopped to hit a ball, giving you a visual view of how you played the course once your 18 holes are up, checking your tendencies and real distances.

Credit: Cars: Lightning League
Cars: Lightning League

Cars: Lightning League (freemium, iPhone and iPad) brings the Pixar movie to life, letting you play as Lightning McQueen as he trains in iconic film locations for his big comeback race. You can also collect and upgrade legendary cars like Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm, and more.

Credit: Lockheal

There’s nothing fancy about this app, but when you need it, you’ll need it: Lockheal (free, iPhone and iPad) lets you find and connect licensed locksmiths in your area. Locked out? As long as you have your phone with you, you’ll be fine.

Credit: Microsoft Pix
Microsoft Pix

Microsoft Pix (free, iPhone and iPad) is one of our favorite camera apps, and the makers are always coming up with new tricks to teach it. The latest? Filters that turn your pictures into hand-painted artworks, frames that make the pics seem artsier yet, as well as a host of stability and performance upgrades.

Credit: SoundBite!

We think the makers of SoundBite! (free, iPhone) are attempting to make the aural equivalent of GIFs: Instead of posting witty images to your social media account, you can post movie quotes, or record your own quotes, to share with your SoundBite friends.

Credit: Starsceptre

Let us explain the premise of the retro space gamer Starsceptre ($2, iPhone and iPad): Pew! Pew! Pewpewpewpewpew! Pew! (Those are explosion sounds, in case you couldn't tell.)

Credit: Storm Radar
Storm Radar

Storm Radar (free, iPhone) is the latest app from the Weather Channel, and as the name suggests, the app offers a live look at your local weather radar, advanced storm cell tracking, and real-time severe weather alerts.

Credit: Taskful

Taskful ($2, iPhone and iPad) solves the get-things-done problem by focusing your attention: It “shows you what you need to do today, so you can stay focused and motivated.” It syncs up with HealthKit, so you can track your progress on health goals, too.

Credit: House of da Vinci
Others of note

The House of da Vinci ($5) is a 3D “puzzle adventure” game … Art of Conquest (freemium) is a strategy game set in world of “dwarves, magic, and monsters” … Sling TV (subscription) now has a cloud-supported DVR feature.