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PhotoPresenter helps make creative slideshows

Rife as Mac OS X already is with slide-show capabilities, PhotoPresenter builds onto those and puts many more options and styles at your fingertips.

Microsoft Bing helps you choose between Mac and PC

Apparently, while Microsoft was having its orientation classes, its new search engine, Bing, was off buying a Mac.

WWDC 2009 Keynote Address now available on iTunes

Apple has posted a downloadable video of its WWDC 2009 Keynote Address delivered by Phil Shiller and other senior Apple executives on the iTunes Store.

T-Mobile Netherlands spills the beans on iPhone 3G S specs

T-Mobile Netherlands has listed the technical specifications of the iPhone 3G S, including the processor speed and amount of onboard memory, on its website.

Monitor puts regularly visited Web sites within reach

Monitor is a small and lightweight freeware application that seeks to put these regularly visited Web sites within easier reach.

First WWDC banners go up at Moscone West

With less than one week to go for WWDC, Apple’s preparations for the conference are in full swing.

Report: Palm Pre syncs media with iTunes

Not only does the Palm Pre ape the iPhone’s Multi-touch features, word is it may also sync with iTunes just as if it were an iPhone or iPod.

Apple campus cafeteria sports iPhone interface

Apple has set up an iPhone Web app to let employees know what’s on the Caffè Macs menu.

EagleFiler helps you track your files

If you find yourself inundated with a huge assortment of documents that are difficult to track, a document organizer application like EagleFiler can help you sort the mess.

AppShelf tracks software licenses

If you need to track licenses and registration information for a large number of applications, AppShelf is a great way to do so.

New Apple banner ad draws attention to customer service

The latest ‘Get a Mac’ Web advertisement on The New York Times's site touts the company’s superior customer service.

iPhone 3G can't take the heat

What initially looked like a fake screenshot has turned out to be an actual temperature warning screen on the iPhone 3G.

WordDigest for iPhone

As a low-cost alternative to some of pricier mobile dictionaries, WordDigest is a good choice, provided you can look past a few quirks typical of a just-released app.

New ‘Get a Mac’ ads make their way onto the air

After a several month hiatus, Apple has struck again with new ‘Get a Mac’ television commercials.

Rumors suggest slew of new iPhone features

Have all those iPhone rumors left you scratching your head in confusion? You’ve come to the right place.