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ColorSplash for iPhone

Selective desaturation can really call attention to a photo by removing all the color except for one designated area. ColorSplash brings this image-editing capability to the iPhone, with eye-catching results.

Yahoo Messenger for the iPhone nears launch

Yahoo is preparing to launch an iPhone version of its instant messenger client and has posted a preview video on their blog.

Latest iWeb update unwittingly adds a major bug

Unlike previous versions of the software, iWeb 3.0.1 no longer selectively republishes only updated pages of your websites.

Latest iMovie update adds stealthy features, fixes

Apple released iMovie 8.0.1 last week with little notice of what the update contained. Turns out it adds a few significant features and a major bug fix.

Tethering and the iPhone: The beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Both Apple and AT&T have spoken about plans for tethering, the ability to share your iPhone's cell data connection with your computer. Aayush Arya looks into what this could mean.

Microsoft ad says that Macs are too cool for its customers

Microsoft's swing-and-a-miss advertising spots continue with a search for a sub-$1,000 notebook computer.

Opinion: Rethinking MacHeist

Is buying the MacHeist 3 bundle a mistake? After hearing both sides of the argument, Aayush Arya doesn't think so.

Apple silently discontinues iPhone Bluetooth Headset

As of the end of last week, the online Apple Store reports that the company's iPhone Bluetooth Headset has been discontinued.

'Find My iPhone' may find its way into iPhone OS 3.0

Another potential iPhone 3.0 feature, "Find my iPhone", has been uncovered by some sites poking into beta versions of the new software.

iPhone OS 3.0 may lift limit on podcast downloads

A screenshot shows that iPhone OS 3.0 may lift the 10MB limit on podcasts downloaded over the cellular network.

iPhone OS 3.0 event video now available on iTunes

Apple's now posted the full iPhone 3.0 keynote event as a downloadable podcast on the iTunes Store.

Messages—the secret to the iPhone’s success in India

The iPhone hasn’t really caught on in India. But Aayush Arya thinks that the revamped Messages app in the upcoming iPhone 3.0 release may change that.

Apple Movie Trailer site debuts on Twitter

In a rare show of openness, the team behind Apple's Movie Trailers page has started a Twitter account.

Apple touts iPhone and App Store stats

Ahead of introducing new features in its iPhone 3.0 software, Apple talked about the success of the iPhone and App Store to date.

iFixit publishes customary tear-down of the 3G iPod shuffle

Consisting of a very small assortment of parts, the new iPod shuffle is one of the simplest iPods to take apart.