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iPhone developer takes measures to combat piracy

Not satisfied with Apple’s inaction towards App Store piracy, one developer takes matters into his own hands.

iPhone prototypes up for auction for an arm and a leg

If you’re into collecting Apple products, these pre-production iPhone can be quite an addition to your collection.

Apple debuts another iPod touch web ad

First it was Yahoo Games and now it’s Pitchfork—no website is spared from the wrath of Apple’s flashy advertisement banners.

iPhone beats Windows Mobile to 25,000 applications

With the App Store playing host to more than 25,000 third party applications, the iPhone has edged past Windows Mobile’s developer community.

New wired keyboard—sans numeric keypad—ships with iMac

A third version of the Apple wired keyboard does away with the numeric keypad in favor of a more compact design.

Apple adds dual-band capabilities to AirPort, Time Capsule

An update to AirPort Extreme adds simultaneous dual-band capabilities and guest networking.

The Apple Store is down, and it’s the calm before the storm

The rumors seem to have been spot on, as the Apple Online Store is now down, and we’re holding our breath for new Mac Minis and iMacs.

AppleCare not covering MacBook Air hinge problem

MacBook Air owners who are suffering from a broken hinge are finding that AppleCare isn't exactly lending a sympathetic ear.

Apple purges App Store reviews from non-customers

Five months after restricting people from leaving reviews for apps they haven’t bought, Apple has deleted all existing reviews from non-customers.

New iPod touch ad is more of the same fun

Another day, another new iPod touch ad, another set of games vying for your attention.

Apple makes MobileMe faster and shinier

After an update to MobileMe on Wednesday, Apple finally seems to have gotten all the pieces of their online service together.

Apple TV Software Update 2.3.1 is out in the wild

Apple today released a minor software update for all Apple TV owners, which so far appears only to remove third-party hacks.

Revert Safari 4 beta's tab bar

Not a fan of Safari 4's new tab bar? A little Terminal trickery can help you resurrect the tab bar of the browser's past.

Review: Smart Dial for iPhone

By allowing you to dial by punching out contact names on your numeric keypad, Smart Dial is an immensely useful utility for iPhone owners.

Apple files patent for an iSight behind a display

An Apple patent suggests that we may see the iSight camera move from above the display to right behind it.