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Chopper 2 for iPhone and iPad

Chopper 2 boasts three-dimensional environments, more realistic physics and all-new levels. Thankfully, it also retain the same addictive side-scrolling gameplay that made the first so much fun.

Master of Alchemy HD for iPad

Master of Alchemy HD is immensely fun to play and a delight for enthusiasts of puzzle-based games. The superb graphics, hyper realistic physics engine and challenging gameplay elevates it to the level of the very best games available on the App Store today.

Spider: Bryce Manor HD

Spider: Bryce Manor HD is a puzzle and mystery game for the iPad where you play the part of an eight-legged arachnoid that has a mansion to explore and a multitude of insects to eat.

Keymote for iPhone

This app takes a different tack from most remote control offerings in the App Store. It populates your iPhone's screen with realistic-looking keys which trigger custom keyboard shortcuts on your Mac. It's a well-designed app that could boost the productivity of users who spend a lot of time in specific apps, but for many users, fitting Keymote into your workflow will be difficult.

Words with Friends HD for iPad

Developed by Newtoy Inc, Words with Friends is an addictive social board game and a must have for all iPad owners.

BookLover helps you keep track of your books

Electric Pocket’s BookLover lets you keep tabs on the books you’ve already read and the ones you’d like to read.

iStat Menus displays your Mac's stats...stat

The latest update to the popular iStat Menus adds some new features and, for the first time, a price tag. But it just may be worth the cost if you want to keep an eye on your system's processes.

Walmart drops iPhone 3GS price to $97

Walmart drops the price of the iPhone 3GS by to just $97, likely in anticipation of Apple’s forthcoming announcement about the next generation iPhone at WWDC.

Iron Man 2 for iPhone

Iron Man 2 remains faithful to the original material and, coupled with the graphics and the amazing gameplay, offers much bang for the buck. It’s a slick adventure ride that is sure to keep you glued to your iPhone for hours.

Dropbox Anywhere brings new apps and a mobile API

Dropbox, the already ubiquitous cloud storage and file-sharing service, aims to become even more accessible with support for new platforms and a mobile API.

ABC Player now supports 3G streaming

The latest version of ABC Player streams free television shows over 3G and feature various other improvements.

Dropbox app updated for the iPad

The latest version of the iPhone app for the popular online storage and file-sharing service adds iPad compatibility.

Report: Apple acquires iPhone app maker Siri

Reports have surfaced that Apple may be about to acquire Siri, makers of the iPhone app Siri Assistant, which allows for voice-based searching.

Apple: iPhone OS supports open standards; Flash is closed

Apple issued a statement responding to claims by Adobe that it's a closed platform.

Adobe says no future investment in Flash-to-iPhone feature

After having tried to work around Apple’s limitations, Adobe has given up on trying to bring Flash to the iPhone OS in any form.