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Opinion: The $169 Mac Box Set and Apple's motives

Perhaps lost among all the discussions about iLife ’09, iWork ’09, and the 17-inch MacBook Pro, the Mac Box Set may well be one of the best things to come out of the Macworld ’09 keynote.

Expo: iLife ’09 available for $9.95 with new Mac purchases

If you bought a Mac after January 6th, 2009, you can upgrade to iLife ’09 for just $10.

Expo: First impressions of the 17-inch MacBook Pro

We take a look at what both the glossy and matte 17-inch MacBook Pros have to offer on the Macworld Expo show floor.

Expo: Download the Macworld keynote from the iTunes Store now

The Macworld ’09 keynote can now be streamed in HD and downloaded off the iTunes Store.

Expo: 17-inch MacBook Pro’s battery replacement will cost $179

According to an Apple spokesperson at the Macworld Expo, the battery in the 17-inch MacBook Pro can be replaced for $179.

Expo: The final Macworld keynote is now streaming

Apple has made available a streaming video of the Macworld ’09 keynote delivered by Phil Schiller.

iPod touch ad is the funnest banner ever

In a cool new banner ad on Yahoo! Games, Apple makes the webpage dance along with the iPod touch.

Apple may be working on always-on status indicators for iPhone

A recent patent filing suggests Apple may be working on a way to get status information about your iPhone without activating the display.

Hack enables hidden Google Maps features on iPod touch

Learn how to hack your iPod touch to enable Google Street View and walking and transit directions in the Maps application.

iPod touch thrashes the iPhone when it comes to gaming

It turns out that the current iPod touch’s processor runs on a faster clock speed than the iPhone or the original iPod touch, making games run much better.

Apple leaves Street View out of iPod touch software update 2.2

Unlike the iPhone, the Maps application on the iPod touch received no new features with the software update 2.2.

Apple releases iTunes v8.0.2 with minor fixes

Apple released the iTunes 8.0.2 update on the coattails of the iPhone 2.2 software update.

Apple and Google should talk voice recognition on iPhone

Google's latest version of its iPhone search application adds the ability to search by voice. So how come Apple hasn't added voice-recognition yet?

Review: BiiBall 3D for iPhone

The accelerometer in the iPhone and iPod touch can be used to great effect even in simple games, as BiiBall 3D proves.

MobileMe domain suffers seven-hour technical issue

The me.com domain encountered a technical issue on Monday that had parts of the site inaccessible for seven hours.