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Plex 0.8.3 brings extensive Snow Leopard compatibility

The latest update for Plex makes the best media center application on Mac OS X even better by improving compatibility for Snow Leopard.

New 'Get a Mac' ads take a shot at Windows 7

Apple welcomes Windows 7 to the world with its own brand of humor and self-aggrandizement.

iFixit tears down the Magic Mouse

Apple’s new touchy Magic Mouse bares all at the hands of the iFixit crew, who once again work their dastardly destruction.

Adobe launches Lightroom 3 public beta

The newly unveiled public beta of Adobe Lightroom 3 promises performance improvements, better noise reduction, and other features.

Apple announces iPhone Tech Talk World Tour 2009

Apple’s iPhone Tech Talk World Tour is scheduled to run from October 29 to December 15 this year and will take place in nine cities across the world.

Scrivener offers hefty NaNoWriMo discounts

To help you get through next month's National Novel Writing Month, Literature and Latte is offering some hefty discounts and an extended trial version of its novel-writing application Scrivener.

Name-squatters targeting the App Store

The App Store is becoming a target for name-squatters, thanks to a policy that lets developers register a name without uploading an actual application.

Apple lays out carbon footprint data

Apple on Friday published an extensive breakdown of its greenhouse gas emissions, adding more information to the debate over what it means to have an environmentally-friendly company.

LittleSnapper shines at screenshot management

LittleSnapper is a handy utility for taking screenshots, but it really shines at managing them. It's like iPhoto for screenshots.

Apple drops price of 160GB Apple TV, kills 40GB model

Apple had removed the 40GB Apple TV from its lineup and brought down the price of the 160GB model by $100.

iTunes gains Automatically Add to iTunes feature

With iTunes 9, Apple has brought the ability to have the software automatically monitor and add media content from a folder to the library. The only thing is, its usefulness may be limited.

Apple’s Rock and Roll event now available on iTunes

Apple has made the entire keynote video available as a free download from the iTunes Store.

Apple brings antiglare display option to 15-inch MacBook Pro

After yanking the option of a matte display unceremoniously from the 15-inch MacBook Pros in the past, Apple has brought it back as a $50 option.

Apple re-enables promo codes for 17+ apps

Apple appears to have reversed its decision to strip App Store developers of the ability to distribute free promotional codes for apps carrying a 17+ rating.

Rollercoaster Rush and 3D Rollercoaster Rush for iPhone

It's fun to sit in the first car of a roller coaster, but ever wish you could control the throttle too? Now you can, thanks to Digital Chocolate's Rollercoaster Rush. In this game, you score points by how effectively you gun it down the track, while keeping people in their seats.