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webOS update re-enables iTunes sync on Palm Pre

Palm’s cat-and-mouse game with Apple continues and the webOS 1.1 reestablishes its ties with iTunes 8.2.1.

Foxconn employee commits suicide after iPhone prototype loss

An employee at Foxconn committed suicide after facing pressure from the Chinese company on misplacing an early prototype of the next-generation iPhone.

Microsoft hires ex-Apple exec for retail operations

Microsoft has enlisted the services of former Apple employee George Blankenship as a consultant for its newly-initiated retail operations.

iPhone 3.0 users report Wi-Fi connectivity issues

Several iPhone and iPod touch users on the Apple discussion forums are up in arms about the weakened Wi-Fi capabilities of their devices post the 3.0 OS upgrade.

Apple celebrates App Store’s first birthday

The App Store was launched on July 10, 2008 and is fast approaching its first birthday. To celebrate, Apple's posted a list of some of its favorite apps.

Grammar Up

This grammar-quiz app does what it promises, but it's hampered by some poor design decisions.

Hands on with Plex, an alternative to Apple’s Front Row

Plex is a media center for Mac OS X that’s capable of cataloguing and playing back every major video format out there, and it works admirably with the Apple Remote to boot. Aayush Arya reports.

Plex media center software competes with Front Row

If you have an even moderately large media library and like the idea of having everything neatly catalogued and readily available at the press of a button, or if you simply like watching high-definition movies, then you should try Plex.

iPhone 3.0 adoption rate estimates in question

Even though 75 percent of Convertbot customers seem to have moved over to iPhone OS 3.0 already, Aayush Arya reckons that it may not be indicative of a larger trend.

Apple TV software update adds support for iPhone gestures

The latest version of the Apple TV software allows you to control playback using flick gestures on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Missing Sync adds voicemail, memo support for iPhone

Missing Sync for iPhone 2.0.2 brings in support for iPhone OS 3.0 and the capability to synchronize voicemail and voice memos.

Tennessee hospital confirms Jobs liver transplant

Methodist University Hospital confirmed Monday that it performed a liver transplant for Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Find My iPhone has its first real world success story

Apple’s newly introduced Find My iPhone feature helped a MobileMe subscriber, Kevin Miller, recover his stolen iPhone from the hands of the thief.

Apple offers $30 iTunes Store credit to iPhone 3G S customers

If you bought an iPhone 3G S over the weekend and have been hassled by the activation process, Apple has a little gift for you.

Web2 Delight lets you easily download videos from YouTube

As great as video sharing Web sites like YouTube are, they often don’t allow you to directly download the videos on their site. Web2 Delight doesn’t just make this possible; it makes the whole process positively painless.