Noiseware Professional 4.0

Noiseware 4.0.1 is a must-have plug-in for digital photographers that offers a far greater range of adjustments than the noise reduction filters that ship with Photoshop.

LightZone 1.0

LightZone 1.0 is an ideal tool for photographers. If you have a speedy processor, and a good understanding of light, this tool can work wonders for you.

Fireworks 8

If you are the type of designer who can hand over your layout to others to slice and code, than maybe you can afford not to use Fireworks. But if you are a designer who must code pages and sites, or an engineer who works extensively with rich Web site content, there’s no substitute for Fireworks 8.

Macromedia Studio 8

For several years, since the launch of its MX suite, Macromedia has tried to make its Web creation tools—Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, and Contribute—more interoperable and suite-like, and the result is now tighter integration between the programs in Studio 8 than ever before.