Adam BerenstainContributor, Macworld

Adam Berenstain is a freelance writer in upstate New York and a longtime Macworld contributor.

Create a gift journal in Pages '09

While store-bought gifts are great for the holidays, nothing conveys personal regard more than a homemade gift, either by itself or perhaps accompanying something you've purchased. Here's how to make beautiful and personalized notebook journals with Pages '09.

Painless tattoos with Pages ‘09

Looking for some memorable holiday fun at your next party? Try temporary tattoos. It's easy with Pages '09, a Mac, and the inkjet printer of your choice.

iWeb Valet 2.3.9

iWeb Valet 2.3.9 lets users customize their Websites with features unavailable in iWeb and without the need to edit a single line of HTML. It offers a few handy new tools for your iWeb pages but is held back by a cumbersome workflow.

Four ways to speed up iWeb '09

iWeb ’09 lets you create attractive Web sites quickly, but quickly isn’t always fast enough. Adam Berenstain offers tips on how to make iWeb even faster.

Diversify your Pages templates

Looking for that perfect Pages template for your project? Here's a handy guide to finding hundreds of unique designs.

Restock your Keynote themes

Tired of Keynote's built-in themes? Adam Berenstain tells you how to find alternative ones.

Find fresh widgets for iWeb

iWeb's HTML Snippet widget can be your site's window to the world.

Create CD and DVD labels with your Mac

Do you back up files on CD or DVD? Adam Berenstain gives you some tips on how to label your discs.

Create a splash screen for your iWeb site with Keynote

Want to create a neat opening animation for your iWeb site? With Keynote '09, you can create a snazzy QuickTime intro for your own site.