3 amazing AppleScripts

For simple automation, it’s hard to beat Automator. But if you want to build truly powerful workflows that can do everything from coloring your iCal calendars to converting your e-mail messages for easy reading on your iPod, AppleScript is still the best tool in town.

Automator overdrive

If you’ve taken Automator out for a spin, you know that Apple’s automation tool really does make it easy to simplify repetitive tasks. But after experimenting with its built-in actions and with actions culled from the Internet, you probably still wish you could do more.

Troubleshoot your workflows

Automator is usually straightforward—drag the actions you want into whatever order you want, and then click on Run. When something goes wrong, though, you’ll be glad to have the following tips on hand.

Take Automator for a trial run

Think Automator seems cool, but don’t know where to get started? Here are five useful workflows you can try right now.

Five workflows for geeks

Many people think of Automator, Apple’s newest Mac-automation tool, as a tool for beginners who are too scared to learn how to use AppleScript. In fact, Automator can be quite powerful—especially when combined with other OS X features.

3 cool AppleScripts

Geek factor