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Adam Berenstain is a freelance writer in upstate New York and a longtime Macworld contributor.

MacFlux 3

MacFlux 3 offers powerful, flexible, template-based CSS Website creation tools.

Create Shrinky Dink ornaments on your Mac

Creating Shrinky Dink ornaments with the kids is a fun way to prepare for the holidays. You just need iPhoto, Pages, an inkjet printer, special paper, and scissors.

Create a festive iPhone skin

You could go out and purchase an iPhone case as a gift for a loved one, but consider using your own images to create a custom skin as a holiday gift. The Unique Skins Website gives you an abundance of choices for do-it-yourself protective skins.

Create a gift journal in Pages '09

While store-bought gifts are great for the holidays, nothing conveys personal regard more than a homemade gift, either by itself or perhaps accompanying something you've purchased. Here's how to make beautiful and personalized notebook journals with Pages '09.

Painless tattoos with Pages ‘09

Looking for some memorable holiday fun at your next party? Try temporary tattoos. It's easy with Pages '09, a Mac, and the inkjet printer of your choice.

iWeb Valet 2.3.9

iWeb Valet 2.3.9 lets users customize their Websites with features unavailable in iWeb and without the need to edit a single line of HTML. It offers a few handy new tools for your iWeb pages but is held back by a cumbersome workflow.

Four ways to speed up iWeb '09

iWeb ’09 lets you create attractive Web sites quickly, but quickly isn’t always fast enough. Adam Berenstain offers tips on how to make iWeb even faster.

Diversify your Pages templates

Looking for that perfect Pages template for your project? Here's a handy guide to finding hundreds of unique designs.