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Adam Berenstain is a freelance writer in upstate New York and a longtime Macworld contributor.

Integrate your iWeb site with Facebook

Here's a few tips on bringing iWeb and Facebook together.

Self-promotional sites with iWeb

Pulling together a self-promotional Web site can be complex. Using iWeb for the task can make your job easier.

Sharing home movies with iWeb

The My Albums templates in iWeb aren’t just for pictures––they can hold videos, too. Here’s how to use them to organize your movies in one convenient place online.

The six worst Apple products of all time

Sure, the Mac has been a landmark product. But not everything Apple touches turns to gold. Adam Engst looks back at a few of Cupertino’s less-inspired ideas.

The Mac at 25: Software

What does the future hold for the software that powers the Mac? For the 25th anniversary of the Mac, Adam C. Engst considers the future of OS X, the possibility of an App Store for Mac software, and the potential of cloud computing.

Slim down your PDFs

When it comes to publishing PDF documents, images and fonts can bloat your files and make them harder to download. Adam Engst offers some inside tricks for keeping your PDF files as small as possible.

Excerpt: Take Control of Buying a Mac

You're ready to buy a Mac, and you've decided whether to go with a laptop or a desktop. But how much RAM should you get? And should you get it from Apple? What about the optical drive -- which option is right for you? Adam C. Engst walks you through all the choices you have to make in this excerpt from Take Control of Buying a Mac.

3 amazing AppleScripts

For simple automation, it’s hard to beat Automator. But if you want to build truly powerful workflows that can do everything from coloring your iCal calendars to converting your e-mail messages for easy reading on your iPod, AppleScript is still the best tool in town.

Rule the office

15 ways to impress your colleagues

Your Mac's secrets revealed

59 ways to use your applications better, smarter, and faster

Surf smarter

Web browsing these days is more than just point-and-click. Tabs, shortcuts, passwords, PDFs and other productivity tools can help you find what you’re looking for. But getting a grip on it all can be a daunting task. Our team of experts offer these 15 ways to quickly find what you want online.

One iPhoto, many users

iPhoto has many options for sharing images with other people. What the program doesn't offer is an easy way to give multiple users or multiple Macs full access to an entire iPhoto library. Here are three options to do just that, without any extra software or Unix commands.

Automator overdrive

If you’ve taken Automator out for a spin, you know that Apple’s automation tool really does make it easy to simplify repetitive tasks. But after experimenting with its built-in actions and with actions culled from the Internet, you probably still wish you could do more.

Troubleshoot your workflows

Automator is usually straightforward—drag the actions you want into whatever order you want, and then click on Run. When something goes wrong, though, you’ll be glad to have the following tips on hand.

Take Automator for a trial run

Think Automator seems cool, but don’t know where to get started? Here are five useful workflows you can try right now.