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Adam Berenstain is a freelance writer in upstate New York and a longtime Macworld contributor.

Five workflows for geeks

Many people think of Automator, Apple’s newest Mac-automation tool, as a tool for beginners who are too scared to learn how to use AppleScript. In fact, Automator can be quite powerful—especially when combined with other OS X features.

Which Mac is right for you?

The cost of a Mac system hasn’t changed much over the years. Of course, you get a lot more for your money now than you did in the past, but one way or another you’ll probably spend somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000 on a new Mac. That makes a Mac one of the most expensive items you’re likely to buy in an average year, so you’ll want to make sure you choose the right model. Here’s how to make that choice.

Eight for 5: New AppleScripts for iTunes

Playlist pal, Doug Adams, has been hard at work creating AppleScripts for iTunes 5. Doug offers Playlist readers an exclusive download of his Some Lyrics Search Scripts—perfect for grabbing lyrics for the songs you love and appending them to your iPod nano tracks.

More cool iTunes AppleScripts

Doug Adams, of Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes, is back with another crop of cool iTunes AppleScripts, guaranteed free, child-safe, and certified organic.

Software we can’t work without

Do you have an app that makes your Mac experience unbelievably better? Here’s the lineup of programs that the panel of experts from our “Secrets of Mac Superheroes” series fires up every day on their own machines.

Secrets of Mac superheroes

We asked some of the most knowledgeable users we know to let us in on a few of the secrets that help them make the most of their time and get the most from their Macs. Here are their tips for better browsing, mailbox management, and other ways to boost your productivity.

3 cool AppleScripts

Geek factor

Hit the road, Mac

Whether you travel all the time or only occasionally, and whether you travel for business, pleasure, or both, chances are you bring a little tech with you. But if you ask 20 different Mac users what they take on the road, you’ll get at least 21 different answers. Our experts weigh in on the essentials for a mobile Mac.

Instant Collaboration

SubEthaEdit can shave hours off projects—from building outlines and conducting group meetings to revising articles.

Cool Geek Tricks

Add to your geek wizardry with three tricks—resurrecting lost print jobs, preventing server-log wipeout, and creating an iChat autoreplier—guaranteed to impress your friends and get you out of sticky situations.