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Blu-ray disc capacities jump to 100GB

Sharp and TDK are soon launching new Blu-ray media that can store up to 100GB of data.

Blu-ray 3D, more TV models boosting 3D TV shipments

3D TV shipments are on the rise, driven by availability of more TV models and 3D content, research firm DisplaySearch said on Wednesday.

Group to work on wireless laptop-charging specification

The Wireless Power Consortium will start working on a new medium-power specification for wirelessly charging laptops.

HP quashes rumors of Slate demise

Hewlett-Packard on Wednesday said the HP Slate tablet is still under consideration.

Intel ships new six-core Core i7 chip, cuts chip prices

Intel announced a new six-core Core i7 processor, while also cutting the prices of some chips by up to 48 percent.

Analysts: Apple needs to respond quicker to issues

Analysts said that Apple needs to be proactive in responding to customer concerns instead of allowing problems to fester.

Velocity Micro takes on iPad with $299 Android tablet

Velocity Micro on Tuesday announced the $299 Cruz Tablet handheld device, which is cheaper than Apple's iPad tablet, which starts at $499.

3D coming to Adobe's Flash

Adobe has started work on expanding 3D capabilities in the Flash Player.

Bluetooth 4.0 approved, will reach devices this year

Bluetooth SIG has approved the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless networking standard to exchange short bursts of data using little energy.

Dell knew some PCs were faulty, court documents reveal

Dell has been accused of selling faulty PCs that could break down because of bad components.

Hundreds wait in line as iPhone 4 goes on sale in Japan

The iPhone 4 went on sale in Japan on Thursday morning, making Japanese users among the first to buy the new smartphone.

Intel's Westmere-EX to include more cores

Intel's Westmere-EX chip will be able to run 20 cores inside a CPU, according to the Hot Chips conference agenda.

PC shipments to grow this year as economies recover

IDC said worldwide PC shipments would grow by 19.8 percent this year compared to 2009.

OpenCL 1.1 ratified by The Khronos Group

The Khronos Group has ratified OpenCL 1.1, a programming standard that enables parallel execution of tasks across multicore processors.

Report: Apple's iAd could face antitrust investigation

U.S. anitrust regulators plan to investigate whether Apple is shutting down third-party networks in advertising on devices like the iPhone and iPad,