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Intel cancels Larrabee, plans future uses for its features

Intel said it will bring elements from the Larrabee graphics processor inside CPUs, a day after announcing the chip's demise.

IDC: Tablet shipments to reach 46 million in 2014

IDC on Thursday said tablet shipments could top 46 million by 2014.

Walking could recharge your smartphone or MP3 player

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology are researching ways to harvest energy from motions like walking or running to power consumer electronics.

Sprint to make HTC's Evo 4G phone available in June

Sprint will start selling HTC's Evo 4G smartphone in the U.S. starting June 4.

Intel's Otellini: Netbook market on the rise

Intel CEO Paul Otellini said netbooks are on the rise as consumers purchase the device as a primary PC.

WePad name change precedes iPad's Europe invasion

Apple's launch of the iPad could have triggered the change of a tablet computing product name from WePad to WeTab.

Intel to exceed eight cores with Nehalem-EX successor

Intel plans to next year release the successor to its recently released eigh-core server chip.

ITC to investigate multitouch patent complaint against Apple

The U.S. International Trade Commission will investigate Apple's multitouch products based on a complaint filed by Taiwanese company Elan.

Intel reports 'best first quarter ever'

Intel on Tuesday reported strong earnings for the first quarter of fiscal 2010, with the company calling it the "best first quarter ever."

Microsoft doubles Zune HD storage to 64GB

Microsoft has doubled the storage on its Zune HD device to 64GB.

Intel to ship samples of experimental 48-core processor

Intel will ship systems with the experimental 48-core chip in a few months.

Tablets could slow netbook shipments in 2010

Tablets like Apple's iPad could bite into netbook shipments, DisplaySearch said.

Intel CEO Otellini's pay package jumps 17 percent

Intel CEO Paul Otellini's pay package jumped by 17 percent to $14.12 million in the 2009 fiscal year, thanks to performance-linked awards. Intel also removed pay freezes to employees in the wake of better performance.

HP settles cases with inkjet cartridge vendors

HP settles with inkjet vendors for selling products that allegedly violated patents.

Intel to launch eight-core Nehalem-EX this month

Intel will announce the eight-core Nehalem-EX chips this month, an Intel official said.