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Gartner: PC shipments to grow by 20 percent this year

Gartner upgraded its forecast for PC shipments this year to grow by 20 percent.

Sony developing devices to compete with Apple

Sony is developing a new tablet-like device and a smartphone in an effort to compete with Apple.

Tivo's new set-top box unites TV, Internet programming

Tivo introduced a new set-top box that unites programming from TV broadcasts and the Internet.

Study: DRAM industry on the road to recovery

The DRAM industry is recovering from a slump as revenue more than doubled during the fourth quarter of 2009, iSuppli said in a study.

Protect your e-book reader

As more people turn to e-readers, a variety of screen guards and cases have hit the market, as have accessories such as clip-on lights and decorative decals. Here's a look at some of the options you have for accessorizing your device.

HP's smartbook may battle it out with Apple's iPad

HP's AirLife 100, released on Friday, could face a competitor in Apple's iPad, analysts said.

Sony announces first 3D Blu-ray Disc players

Sony announced new 3D Blu-ray Disc players on Wednesday.

Intel preparing six-core chips for desktops, servers

Intel is preparing six-core chips for high-end desktops and servers for release in the first half of this year.

How does the iPad compare to netbooks?

Apple has revolutionized product categories otherwise filled with mundane devices. The iPod bought excitement to media players, and the iPhone redefined smartphones. Now Apple is trying to convince users to drop netbooks, and go for the iPad. But do the two devices really compare?

Apple's A4 iPad chip could find a home in iPhones

Apple's A4 chip, used in the iPad tablet, could be used in future iPhones.

Apple's iPad has pitfalls for enterprise

Apple's iPad tablet could be an attractive business tool, but it lacks security and manageability features that enterprises need, analysts said on Wednesday.

Report: Apple looks to repackage content for tablet

Apple is looking at ways in how TV, newspaper and magazine content can be repackaged for the tablet.

Intel reports jump in profit, revenue for fourth quarter

Intel reports sharp fourth-quarter earnings on increased spending on server and PC chips.

Intel launches next-generation laptop, desktop chips

Intel released its latest laptop and desktop chips on Thursday.

Intel to chip away despite legal issues

Next year will be challenging for Intel as it fends off accusations of monopolistic behavior while trying to establish a larger presence in the mobile and graphics segments.