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Albert is a former PCWorld and Macworld intern and GeekTech writer, who now works as an Editorial Assistant in the PCWorld Lab. Albert likes to dabble in Web development in his free time. Check him out on Dribbble, or see some of his work on CodePen.

LaCie P'9223 review: Porsche design and 120GB SSD at a decent price

The 120GB external SSD designed by Porche is a better deal than you think, and offers fast external storage in a good looking package.

StatsBar review: Handy system monitor lives in your menu bar

StatsBar shows you comprehensive stats about your Mac and allows you to free up inactive RAM either on demand or at a threshold.

Hues review: bare-bones color picker does little to stand out

If you’re looking for a color picker, there are plenty of other apps with more functionality than Hues.

LittleIpsum review: Adds placeholder text with just a couple of clicks

LittleIpsum generates "lorem ipsum" placeholder text in an instant, and it does it well.

DIY iPad screen replacement: It saves money, but it's not for the faint of heart

Why pay someone to fix your broken iPad screen when you can just do it yourself? (Because it might be hard and not work well, but that's another story.)

Review: Incipio LGND for iPad converts from case to stand

The LGND is a solid case, but there's nothing really unique about it other than the method of folding the cover.

Review: Twelve South's SurfacePad for iPhone 5 is slim, yet unreliable

The SurfacePad from Twelve South is a slim and elegant, albiet not very protective, case for your iPhone 5.

Lab Tested: The ramifications of additional memory on a Mac

When you think you need more RAM, you may be right, but read out helpful little guide to get a better idea of why you might and how much you might need.

Review: Speck's PixelSkin HD Wrap offers all-around protection for the iPad, but with some quirks

The PixelSkin HD Wrap has a eye-catching look, but the functionality isn't as intuitive as you might think.

Review: Gumdrop Drop Tech case for iPhone 5 is rugged and bulky

It's bulky and doesn't compromise on protection, but the built-in screen protector should be optional.

Review: Dodocase Durables sleeve style case provides basic iPad protection on the go

For those who like the look and feel of a bare iPad, sleeve cases make a lot of sense, and the Durables sleeve from Dodocase will do a decent job protecting your iPad from scrapes and bumps.

Review: The Musubo Retro's unique two-layer design should keep your iPhone 5 safe

It's supposed to look like an old retro microphone, and provide dual protection for your iPhone 5, but that might be a bit too much to hope for.

Review: Give your iPad a touch of book-smarts with the Dodocase Classic

The Dodocase Essentials line gives your iPad the look of a book, for disguise or protection.

Review: Vaya Bags Recycled Bike Tube Laptop Bag

A weather-resistant bag made from bicycle inner tubes brings an interesting take to minimalism; is ideal for a daily commute.


Review: CM4's Q Card wallet case adds lots of bulk to the iPhone 5

While the Q Card case isn't likely to replace your wallet completely, it does make it easy to carry some of your more used cards.