Canon Vixia HG21

Canon’s Vixia HG21 is a feature-filled high-definition camcorder that acts and feels like a workhorse. And for such a small camera, it produces great video image quality. Alex Lindsay thinks it's one of the better HD camcorders he's seen.

HD camcorders: The perfect camcorder

Video expert Alex Lindsay picks the features that would make for the ideal HD camcorder.

Panasonic HDC-SD100

The Panasonic HDC-SD100 HD camcorder provides a great set of well-implemented tools that are in the right place at the right price. Unfortunately, poor connection placement and poor imaging make it hard to recommend this camera.

Sony HDR-CX12

The Sony HDR-CX12 has so much potential—great image quality, manual control, and great extras—that are marred by serious shortfalls—camera dock requirement, lack of external audio in, and no progressive modes. If you can get over these, you’ll enjoy the HDR-CX12.

Podcasting guide

With some good hardware and a few tips, you can create your own high-quality podcasts to share with the world.