Xserve (2009)

Apple's 2009 Xserve is that rare upgrade that delivers on all fronts: this server is undeniably faster than the previous generation, uses less power, and exudes less heat.That combination doesn’t happen very often.

Review: Apple Xserve (2008) server

Apple's rackmount server now sports Intel quad-core Xeon processors inside its slim 1U package. The 2008 Edition of the Xserve has powerful options, but deploying the device into your network should be carefully planned.


The new Xserve is a very model of the modern Intel-based 1U server, with a few caveats. Configuration of the lights-out management needs to be refined, and its lack of a hardware RAID is a glaring omission. Most annoyances of past Xserves have been rectified, and the whole system ranks admirably among the finest of today’s systems.

Timbuktu Pro 8.5

Timbuktu Pro remains the gold standard for Macintosh remote control. A remote install, encryption, and user authentication features make this a must-have upgrade for anyone using 7.0 or earlier.

Fix AirPort printing problems

Sharing a printer among multiple computers over an AirPort network usually just works. But according to online reports and reader mail, it doesn’t work all the time. Here are five basic troubleshooting steps.

TextWrangler 2.0

The text editor - intended for anyone who has to handle large volumes of text - doesn’t share BBEdit’s advanced tools, but you can’t argue with the price.

BBEdit 8.0.3

BBEdit has always been the top dog among Mac text editors. With its useful features, insightful enhancements, and savvy integration, this upgrade does not disappoint.

Apple Remote Desktop 2.1

Any administrator who has been in charge of multiple Macs knows the repetitive chore of installing and updating software. Add in the inevitable phone calls requesting help, and you quickly wish you could shorten the distance between users' computers and your chair.

LANsurveyor 8.1

Network administrators know that LANsurveyor is a useful tool for mapping, monitoring, and tracking inventory. Version 8.1 is a powerful program for managing a mid-size or smaller network, and it's well worth the upgrade price from the previous edition.

Interarchy 7.2

Interarchy returns with a new version giving advanced users many options at an attractive price.