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Andy Ihnatko is a noted author, columnist at The Chicago Sun Times and Macworld, a regular on Mac Break Weekly, host of The Ihnatko Almanac on, frequent speaker, Apple guru, geek extraordinaire, and an Internationally Beloved Industry Personality.

MacBook Air is where the iCloud lives

Andy Ihnatko says that the release of the 11-inch MacBook Air augured the announcement of iCloud.

The theology of iCloud

Andy Ihnatko peers into the clouds to figure out how Apple, Amazon, and Google fit into the pantheon of Internet services.

To upgrade, or not?

Andy Ihnatko weighs his upgrade options.

Where's my Apple wristwatch?

An Apple Design Award is Apple’s version of the Oscar, the Stanley Cup, the World’s Greatest Grandma Mug. Like the rest of these incredible honors, the award requires an iconic trophy, and boy, did the design team nail it.

Imagining a Mac OS X/iOS mash-up

Andy Ihnatko imagines a mash-up featuring Mac OS X and iOS. The two slam together and create a beast called the Apple iX. It's a modest proposal.

The Special Relationship

Andy Ihnatko writes that users of Apple products and Apple have an interesting relationship. Apple's instinct is to protect its users. That's generally a good idea. But sometimes you have to stop and wonder if we might be better off if Apple let things get a bit more... dangerous.

Buying advice, from one to a billion dollars

Andy Ihnatko's got some advice for you about what to buy with your cash, whether it's a single buck or a BILLION dollars.

iPad apps: Get ready for the second wave

Andy Ihnatko writes about the current state of affairs when it comes to iPad apps, and why he's excited about the next round of apps to be released.

iPad apps won't be at their best on Day One

Andy Ihnatko says that the iPad apps available to users on Saturday won't be the platform at its best, because most iPad developers have had no access to a real iPad.

My favorite comic-style fonts, all on sale

Andy Ihnatko recommends you buy Comicraft fonts on New Year's Day, when they'll be only $20.10 each.

Why MobileMe is really worth it

Andy Ihnatko has a hard time explaining why MobileMe is worth $100 a year. But given enough time, he can manage it.

How many MacBooks?

Andy Ihnatko doesn't understand how you people get through the day with a single laptop, given how much trouble he's had with his.

Six things Apple needs to do right now

Sure, Apple has had a good 25-year run with the Mac. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Andy Ihnatko offers up six items that should be at the head of Apple’s to-do list.

How Apple could make e-books work

E-books, even Amazon's highly touted Kindle, haven't taken off. Andy Ihnatko thinks that the iPhone could change all that.

Dreaming of the iPhone App Store

Andy Ihnatko lists off the iPhone software on his must-have list, as he anticipates the beginning of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference.