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Andy Ihnatko is a noted author, columnist at The Chicago Sun Times and Macworld, a regular on Mac Break Weekly, host of The Ihnatko Almanac on, frequent speaker, Apple guru, geek extraordinaire, and an Internationally Beloved Industry Personality.

WWDC goes mainstream

How is Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference like San Diego Comicon? Andy Ihnatko explains that it's all about going from being a small insider event to a huge public gathering.

What Leopard is worth

Leopard doesn’t have one or two major features that’ll convince you to upgrade, but rather a half dozen or more minor ones. And the half dozen features that convince you will be different from those that convince me.

What's Leopard really worth?

Andy Ihnatko unscientifically tallies just what the new features in Leopard are worth.

The Real, and fake, Steve Jobs

My $249 Things Have Officially Gotten Out of Hand Detector from Brookstone started blinking in overdrive one day. Sure enough, moments later the phone rang and I found myself being interrogated.

The truth about Fake Steve Jobs

Andy Ihnatko comes clean on the truth of his relationship with Fake Steve Jobs.

The end of iPhone innocence

Andy Ihnatko is one of the few people who has used an iPhone. It's a shame that all ends on Friday.

By any other name

My good friend Apple Computer Inc. has asked me to start calling it Apple Inc. And this time the news came in the form of a press release, rather than over a shared plate of cheesy fries.

3 great tricks for geeks

Geeks don’t conform to the status quo—and neither do their Macs. But even the best of us can get stuck in a word-processing and Web-browsing rut. If your New Year’s resolutions included breaking out of the ordinary, we’re here to help.

Leopard's top-secret secrets

So Leopard has secret features, eh? But why would Apple call attention to the fact that there are secret features? What's Steve Jobs up to? Andy Ihnatko thinks he has the answer.

Using Tiger: Learning AppleScript

Get to know OS X’s other built-in automation feature