Crowds flock to the Apple Store for UK iPad launch

The iPad has proved to be a big draw for London customers, as crowds of around 600 people queued to get their hands on the iPad on its UK launch.


Most headphones for use while you're out and about are in-ear models, but the HA-S650 offers an over-ear headband design.

Roth Audio Alfie

The Alfie looks pretty, but its high price tag is more a function of its multi-purpose nature than its sound quality.

Orbitsound T6

Orbitsound’s approach to stereo is refreshing and the T6 is a lovely sounding unit.

Macworld UK's iPhone 3G S unboxing photos

Macworld UK has gotten its hands on a new iPhone 3G S and shares pictures of Apple's latest phone.

London queues for first iPhone 3G S sales

Crowds aren't matching those for last year's iPhone 3G launch, but iPhone fans were still up bright and early Friday in the UK, joining queues outside O2 shops and the Apple Stores.