Altimeter for iPhone

If you're an outdoorsy person who like to know the elevation you've traversed when you're out and about, this inexpensive, simple app is a fine tool to have along.

Intelitrainer for iPhone

This excellent fitness app offers all the benefits of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

iWorkout Muse Pro and iWorkout Muse for iPhone

If music is an essential part of your workout, then iWorkout Muse Pro (or the more limited, less expensive iWorkout Muse) should become part of your exercise regimen.

Diacarta for iPhone

Users with a visual bent will appreciate this day planner, which uses icons to visually represent your appointments and to-dos.

Fitaide Pro for iPhone

There's much to like about this fitness app, which has some clever features to help you meet your exercise goals.

Footprintz for iPhone

This app logs your comings and goings, which can be helpful if you need reminders on where you've visited for either a vacation or business trip. Keep in mind that the results may not always prove to be as accurate as you'd like.

Lonely Planet city guides for iPhone

Lonely Planet's mobile city guides can help you find the sights while saving you from having to lug a guidebook along on your journey. We look at a trio of guides for three European cities to see just what Lonely Planet has to offer iPhone users.

Tap & Track for iPhone

Tap & Track offers a fun and simple way to track your calorie intake. The app is a great way to keep track of your weight loss.

J's Job Jar for iPhone

This app certainly offers a fun, iPhone-specific take on tackling chores. It's fine if you're looking for a simple way to take on to-dos, but users looking for a more full-featured to-do manager should probably consider other options.