Security system

Want to look in on the kids while you’re at work? Or simply see what the dog does all day? By outfitting your old Mac with a camera and software, you can build a monitoring system that lets you spy on your house from anywhere in the world.

Improving video chat with See Eye 2 Eye

Looking for a way to raise the level of your video chats? Want a relatively inexpensive teleprompter set-up for your laptop? SeeEye2Eye might be just the ticket.

Exploring Final Print

It's difficult to get timecode-accurate notes and comments out of Final Cut Pro to share with your collaborators. That's where Final Print comes in.

Password protected podcasts with .Mac

How can you keep clients apprised of your work in progress on a moment’s notice? Create a podcast. But not a typical podcast aimed at the masses—this is a password-protected podcast available to a select few. Anton Linecker shows you how it’s done.

Turn your Mac into a video-analysis tool

Anton Linecker writes about ScopeBox, a software-based video analysis tool that helps keep your video broadcast-legal in the field.

Analysis: Premiere's return to the Mac market

The news that Adobe is bringing Premiere back to the Mac platform shocked many users. But what will it mean for Mac video pros? Anton Linecker looks at why Adobe revived a Mac version of premiere and how it fits into a very crowded digital-video editing field.

EyeTV 250

The EyeTV 250 is a great personal video recorder for Mac users. This is a particularly useful unit if you have a slower Mac, as the hardware encoder ensures high quality recordings without stressing the computer’s processor.

What's behind Apple's pro video spending spree?

Anton Linecker takes a look at the technology behind Apple’s recent splurges in the pro video market.

Create system backup images for emergencies

Anton Linecker shares his method for creating a system backup after he's set up a new system. He finds that it helps to get new systems set up quickly, and saves time getting back up in case of trouble.

Creating a Watch Folder for Compressor 2

Anton Linecker shows you a tip get Apple's Compressor 2 to compress a video files automatically with AppleScript and Folder Actions.


Miglia’s TVMicro is a great portable analog TV tuner for Mac users. If you want something to let you watch TV on your Mac, you won’t go wrong with it.

Smaller DV Expo showcases Universal updates

Anton Linecker finds a few Universal gems and a cool new Sony HDV camera at the smaller DV Expo in Los Angeles.

EyeTV Hybrid television tuner

The EyeTV Hybrid has many benefits and few drawbacks. It’s a clear winner—especially if you want to take TV viewing on the road. If you have a slower, single-processor Mac, however, the EyeTV 250 may be a better bet.

SATAVue Hot-Swap 1TB hard drive

While the Granite Digital SATAVue Hot-Swap may not win any design awards, it performed very well in our tests. It’s a heavy-duty, speedy RAID.

LaCie Two Big 1TB hard drive

The LaCie Two Big, which comes bundled with a host adapter, is economical and provides solid performance. If you’re looking for a hot-swappable option with an attractive design, this may be the SATA drive for you.