G-SATA 1TB hard drive

The G-Technology G-SATA is a good—if expensive—workhorse, with fast write speeds and quiet operation.

SilverSATA II SR 1TB hard drive

WiebeTech’s SilverSATA II SR offers consistent performance and a stylistic edge. Its handy display screen shows the drive status and other useful information. The only knocks against the drive are the fan noise and price.

Montage 1.0

Montage feels like it was born prematurely. Seasoned screenwriters won’t find the tools they need in this initial release, and it was rather buggy. But the software does show promise.

G-Drive Q Serial ATA 500GB drive

G-Technology’s G-Drive Q is one of the most versatile desktop drives around. With nearly every type of connection you could want and quiet operation, it’s a winner.

WiebeTech SilverSATA V

WiebeTech’s SilverSATA V is a solid, five-bay SATA RAID that delivers handily on speed and, at the same time, takes up very little desk (or under the desk) space. It’s ideal for video editors, especially those working with standard-definition and compressed high-definition video, who need fast throughput and plenty of storage space.

Extreme Mac makeover

Why should your Mac look like everyone else’s? Luckily, with the help of a few inexpensive applications and system hacks, you can give your interface a whole new look.


This stylish looking and compact device is a great way to get HDTV content on your Mac. And since it's a bus-powered USB 2.0 device, you can take it anywhere you go.

Apple Remote Desktop 3

Apple Remote Desktop 3 is an essential program for any IT professional who needs to manage Macs remotely, Upgrading to version 3 is a no-brainer. Despite some bugs, and a relatively weak reporting feature, the sheer number of tools available is amazing.

Sonicfire Pro 4

Sonicfire Pro 4 makes creating royalty-free musical scores simple, and it is an ideal program for corporate video producers and indie filmmakers who don’t have their own composers. With the addition of Mood Mapping and multitracking features, Sonicfire Pro 4 is a significant upgrade from the previous version, and well worth the jump.

MPEG4 Recorder 2

The Neuros Recorder 2 is useful if you’re looking for the fastest, easiest way to make legal iPod or PSP-compatible recordings from DVDs or most other video sources. However, you can get better and more-customizable results by using software encoders.

EyeTV 2.1

EyeTV 2 is a solid upgrade for all users who already own EyeTV and other compatible Personal Video Recorder hardware. The integrated programming guide and new editing options make it especially worthwhile.

Send video abroad

Movies may have a universal appeal, but video standards do not. To send movies from North America to Europe, you must first convert the video from the NTSC standard to the PAL standard.

Speed up Compressor tasks

Compressor 2 lets you convert between PAL and NTSC video standards without having to hand off your video to a professional conversion service. But it isn’t quick about it. But if you have some spare Macs lying around the house, you can significantly trim the conversion time.


The EyeTV EZ does exactly what is says it will do: it makes watching TV on a Mac easy. However, users who want a robust recording device would be better served by Elgato’s more expensive EyeTV 200.


One could argue that Elgato Systems’ EyeTV products rule the Mac personal video recorder market. Miglia takes a valiant shot at EyeTV’s dominance with its EvolutionTV USB 2.0 digital video recorder, but falls short because its software simply isn’t as mature.