Fast DVD Copy 4

Fast DVD Copy is an all-in-one DVD-copying program that’s designed to let you make personal or backup copies of DVDs and video games you own. The product works great, but there’s one catch: The software isn’t technically legal.

Final Cut Studio

Final Cut Studio is a substantial update to Apple’s professional-level postproduction software bundle. More than a simple bundle of stand-alone applications, all the applications are interconnected and their features complement each other nicely. Final Cut Studio is a very attractive and worthwhile buy, especially at $1,299 for the full retail box.

Final Cut Pro 5

Final Cut Pro 5 delivers serious performance enhancements that will make it an esssential upgrade for any professional video editor. The multicamera and HDV support, advanced audio capabilities, and integrated Cinema Tools data alone are worth the upgrade price.

Compressor expands

Final Cut Studio’s revision of Compressor, Apple’s video-compressing and -transcoding application, adds some very welcome features.

EyeTV Wonder USB 2.0

Software bugs aside, the EyeTV USB 2.0 is a product with limited appeal. Unless you have a dual-processor G5, you can’t get the full recording quality you would want out of the unit.

DVD copy software

In light of recent legal news, companies like Roxio and DVD2one have good reason for playing it safe when releasing their DVD-copying software. Legal questions aside, the result is high-quality software.

FireWire 800 RAID Storage

We review three FireWire 800 RAID systems that deliver considerable high-speed bang without blowing your budget. But each product offers its own appeal, whether it’s the monstrous capacity of LaCie’s Bigger Disk Extreme, the speed and portability of G-Technology’s G-RAID, or the configuration options of WiebeTech’s RackFire+.

Plextor ConvertX PVR

Plextor's ConvertX PVR is a great way to watch and make high-quality video recordings of TV programs. With the maturity of EyeTV software, there are few drawbacks to this unit.

Your High-Def Mac

Now that Steve Jobs has declared 2005 “The Year of HD Editing,” are you wondering what it takes to turn your Mac into a pro editing room? Anton Linecker took a look at the brave new world of HD editing in this story from our December 2004 issue.

Meeting HD

If you’re interested in watching, creating, or just learning more about high-definition video, Anton Linecker walks you through the basics.

Final Draft

This update fixes some major bugs that plagued version 7 of the scriptwriting application.


For small multimedia firms or collaborative DV environments, the SANcube800 is a perfect fit.