Premiere Pro CS6's aesthetic and workflow improvements boost editing efficiency

Premiere Pro CS6 extends the performance gains of its predecessor to a wider range of users, particularly mobile editors with the proper laptop configuration. But what makes the CS6 version a worthy upgrade is its focus on video editing enhancements.

Premiere Pro CS6's enhancements are more than skin deep

Premiere Pro CS6 has undergone a comprehensive redesign that not only affects the software's overall look and feel, but also facilitates a more efficient editing workflow.

Premiere Pro CS5

Here's Macworld's review of Premiere Pro CS5.

Review: Premiere Pro CS4

Premiere Pro CS4 strengthens Premiere’s reputation on the Mac as a capable video-editing program. For those who already have an allegiance to other programs in the Creative Suite—but not to another video editing system—Premiere Pro CS4 will be tempting.

First Look: Premiere Pro CS4

After returning to the Mac with the CS3 suite, Adobe’s video-editing app has had time to shed associations with its last Mac-compatible predecessor. Antony Bolante says Premiere Pro CS4 includes features that should further strengthen the program’s credibility on the Mac platform.

Premiere Pro CS3

Premiere Pro CS3 is a capable, feature-rich video-editing application. Mac users will be pleased that Premiere Pro CS3 is related to Premiere 6.5 in name only, and possesses all the professional features its predecessor lacked.

First Look: CS3 Preview: Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

Adobe brings its video-editing application Premiere Pro back to the Mac this summer after a five-year absence. Antony Bolante takes a look at the beta and finds a program unlike anything you might remember from the bygone days of Premiere 6.5.