The best apps to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos

Good High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography can be breathtaking. We take a look at some apps available in the App Store that will make your photos HDR.

MultiCorder for iPhone

For those times when you need to think about video file sizes and formats, this iOS app can be a big help.

Calvetica for iPhone

If you think the built-in Calendar app on your iPhone or iPod touch falls short, you might want to give this streamlined app a try. While Calvetica's alternative interface may be jarring at first, a lot of thought has been put into streamlining the process for entering calendar events.

Left to Spend for iPhone

This app offers a simple look -- perhaps too simple for some users -- at your daily budget. It's an easy way to get a quick visual reminder of how much you're spending on a given day.

PhotoCopier for iPhone and iPad

The variety of filter choices available in this universal image-editing app -- and the results they produce -- will impress you, even if the sheer volume of choices can be a little overwhelming.