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Intel to close South Korea R&D facility

Intel said Friday it will close an R&D office in South Korea.

Intel to launch Core 2 Quad in January

Intel plans to launch the Core 2 Quad chip in January, targeting high-end desktop PCs in an effort to stay ahead of AMD.

PC sales growth bottoms out in US

PC sales in the US showed zero growth in the third quarter of 2006, according to year-over-year numbers from IDC.

Intel might have to share documents in AMD case

Intel may have to share documents that could link it to charges of anticompetitive dealings against AMD, according to a court recommendation Friday.

Dell chooses Blu-ray format for notebook

Dell launched a notebook PC Monday with the ability to play high-definition Blu-ray discs, marking a vote against the competing HD-DVD storage standard.

2006: The year in computers and chips

It's been a busy year for computer and semiconductor manufacturers -- Ben Ames has a recap, from Apple to Dell, AMD to Sony.

HP quadruples income for fourth quarter

Even though HP has been plagued by recent boardroom scandals, the company still reported net income of $1.7 billion for the fourth quarter -- more than four times than earnings for the same period last year.

NTP files patent infringement suit against Palm

Palm is defending its Treo smartphone against a patent infringement suit filed by NTP, the group that nearly shut down RIM’s BlackBerry service.

Nvidia buys PortalPlayer to reach new business sectors

Nvidia said Monday it will pay $357 million to buy PortalPlayer, which makes semiconductors and software for MP3 players and other devices.

Google buys JotSpot, offers free wiki pages

Google has acquired JotSpot, a developer of wiki technology for collaborative Web sites.

Intel profit falls 35 percent

Following a reorganization, Intel reported a third quarter profit Tuesday of $1.3 billion, 35 percent below its numbers for that period last year.

Intel to launch quad-core chips on Nov. 13

Intel will bring its quad-core chips to market in a new line of workstations from Hewlett-Packard, expected to be launched on Nov. 13.

Palm targets first-time users with low-end Treo

Palm announced a low-end version of the Treo smartphone on Thursday, hoping to win first-time smartphone users.

Intel to ship quad-core chips in November

Intel will ship quad-core processors in November for servers and gaming PCs, CEO Paul Otellini said.

State says it has evidence to charge HP officials

California state investigators have enough evidence to indict both people within Hewlett-Packard and their outside contractors for a corporate spy scandal.