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Dell may have to restate earnings

Dell has delayed filing its quarterly earnings report with the SEC and may have to restate past earnings statements.

IBM ships 'Broadway' chips for Nintendo Wii

IBM has begun shipping millions of microprocessors to Nintendo, keeping the gaming company on track to launch its Wii gaming console as early as November.

Intel to reorg, lay off 7,500 more

Intel Chief Executive Paul Otellini laid off about 7,500 people Tuesday.

Intel unveils 'Merom' chip for notebooks

Intel announced its “Merom” chip for notebooks on Monday, as Alienware, Gateway Inc. and Toshiba America Inc. began selling notebooks with the new chip.

Dell reveals SEC investigation, profit drops 51 percent

Blaming its strategy of cutting prices, Dell posted profit 51 percent lower than the same period last year. The company also revealed an SEC investigation.

Wireless providers push PDA shipments to record high

Sales of PDAs rose to a record high, climbing 2.7 percent from last year to reach 3.7 million units shipped in the second quarter, Gartner said Monday.

Verizon's Chocolate cell phone to challenge iPod

Verizon Wireless announced a digital music player called Chocolate that uses a cell phone made by LG Electronics.

Intel launches Core 2 Duo processors

Intel unveiled its new Core 2 Duo processor lineup increasing the pressure on rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). The 10 new dual-core chips promise markedly better performance and greater energy efficiency than Intel’s existing products.

Intel reshuffles senior executives

Intel has moved some senior executives to new positions in order to streamline its senior management structure, in light of continued competition from AMD.

Intel earnings plunge on soft chip sales

Reeling from recent layoffs, Intel on Wednesday posted profits of $885 million for the second quarter, less than half of the $2 billion it posted in 2005.

Intel to launch Montecito server chip today

Intel will launch its often-delayed ‘Montecito’ dual-core Itanium chip for high-end servers on Tuesday.

Intel to cut jobs throughout 2006

Intel will continue its corporate reorganization through the end of 2006, stretching beyond its original 90-day plan.

Intel to cut 1,000 management jobs

Intel executives told employees on Thursday they would cut 1,000 management jobs by the end of July.

Vonage sued in patent infringement

Vonage has infringed another firm's patent for delivering VOIP voicemail, according to a federal lawsuit filed Monday.

Apple sees no future for CRTs

Apple has phased the CRT monitor out of its product line in preference for flat screen displays.