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Ben Boychuk is associate editor of City Journal, a public-policy magazine, where he oversees the magazine's coverage of California. He's also a columnist for ScrippsHoward News Service and the Sacramento Bee. He lives in Southern California with his wife, two children, their cat, and an albino corn snake named Bart Karateman.

Review: YouNote for iPhone

A diversity of note-taking features and powerful note organization tools make YouNote an essential productivity app and render the iPhone’s built-in notepad tool obsolete.

Review: Newsstand and News Now for iPhone

Newsstand is a sophisticated RSS reader with a neat gimmick. News Now is a free, bare-bones RSS reader. Both apps take different approaches to keeping you up-to-date on the latest news via your mobile device.

App Store successful, but shows flaws

Apple's App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch has been a big success so far. But there are still numerous usability issues that might hinder further growth.

Where classical music and iPhone apps converge

Apple's progress in handling classical music on iTunes suggests the App Store's design will also gradually improve.

Review: Save Benjis for iPhone

This free app provides quick, efficient comparison-shopping online, searching dozens of retail and auction sites for the best prices.

Review: Instapaper for iPhone

Instapaper Free is a very good, low-frills app for downloading online articles and reading them at your leisure. Instapaper Pro is a first-class reader with gewgaws and gizmos of enormous convenience but debatable utility. Whichever one you pick comes down to personal taste, but you’ll be happy with either version.

Review: Maildash for iPhone

This macro-maker and auto-reply generator for the iPhone and iPod touch is a clever conceit, undermined by a couple of annoying bugs.

Review: Campaign for iPhone

The idea behind Campaign is that it delivers election news based on your candidate preference. It works as advertised, though not without some interface quirks.

Review: Places for iPhone

The free Places has some quirks and limitations. But if you’re not too picky, it can be a fine tool for finding businesses, restaurants, and other nearby locales.

Review: What’s On? for iPhone

What’s On? is a solidly utilitarian app for the couch potato set looking for a TV programming guide for their iPhone or iPod touch. With a few modest improvements and faster loading times, What’s On? could even be a great app.

Review: iDiary for iPhone

iDiary offers a password-protected note-taker that’s easy to navigate, though you’re unlikely to use it to create lengthy entries.

Review: Ambient noise apps for iPhone

If audio distractions are preventing you from getting your work done, your iPhone (or iPod touch) can help you shut out the outside world with the help of a pair of ambient noise applications.

Review: Pennies for iPhone

It’s best to think of Pennies as a handy way to keep track of expenses quickly and simply, sort of like an electronic back-of-the-envelope calculator.

Review: Internet radio apps for iPhone

Think video killed the radio star? Think again—a vast selection of content remains available via Internet radio. And several apps are available via the App Store to help you listen to that content through your iPhone or iPod touch.

Review: NYTimes for iPhone

The NYTimes app should give news junkies plenty of reasons to rejoice. And it does—though this application for reading the current edition of the New York Times would be a lot better if it loaded stories a lot faster.