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Ben Boychuk is associate editor of City Journal, a public-policy magazine, where he oversees the magazine's coverage of California. He's also a columnist for ScrippsHoward News Service and the Sacramento Bee. He lives in Southern California with his wife, two children, their cat, and an albino corn snake named Bart Karateman.

Weekly World News for iPhone

This app, which lets you insert your face onto covers from the Weekly World News supermarket tabloid, is a pleasant diversion. But the fun can wear thin quickly.

Wine Ph.D. for iPhone

A fine iPhone app should be graphically interesting, user friendly, and fast. Wine Ph.D. nails the first two qualities, but falls short when it comes to speed.

Assorted iPhone zombie apps

We're sure that you'll not have to fend off zombie attacks any time soon (welll... reasonably sure, at least). But a pair of apps -- Illustrated Zombie Survival Guide and Zombie Survival Kit -- have a little fun with this unlikely scenario.

Occasions for iPhone

Occasions helps you keep track of what birthdays, anniversaries, or other Big Dates are coming next, including a helpful push-notification feature.

Invoice2Go for iPhone

This invoice creation app isn't Mac friendly -- a companion app is Windows only and invoices do not always appear properly formatted when they arrive in Mac users' mailboxes. And that's a shame, because otherwise, Invoice2Go is a powerful, feature-rich app.

Juicy Library for iPhone

Juicy Library promises to work like Delicious Library, cataloging your media on your iPhone. But it just doesn't measure up.

Remix David Bowie -- Space Oddity for iPhone

iKlax Media gives David Bowie fans a new way to enjoy "Space Oddity," providing them with free reign to manipulate the eight separate recorded tracks of the 40-year-old rock hit to their liking.

Documents to Go for iPhone

Long-time mobile app maker DataViz offers two different versions of its Documents to Go app for viewing and editing files on the go. We take a look at both to see if they measure up and which one best fits your needs.

CIA World Factbook apps for the iPhone

The App Store offers plenty of mobile versions of The CIA World Factbook. But with all the offerings providing similar content, which version is worth your time and money? Ben Boychuk says it all comes down to user interface.

iFreelancer for iPhone

Freelancer is a fair utility for job hunters. But independent contractors will most likely find that their needs are better served cultivating contacts and building clients the old-fashioned way, rather than hoping for quick and easy work through impersonal online services.

Simple News for iPhone

As its name suggests, Simple News offers a simple approach to getting the day's headlines. The aggregator pulls stories from six sources with a minimum of buttons for navigating your way around the app.

CBS EyeMobile for iPhone

CBS EyeMobile gives users the tools for acting as "citizen-journalists," letting you upload images, video and words from your iPhone or iPod touch (or voting on the content uploaded by others). The results are not the stuff of Edward R. Murrow.

B&N Bookstore for iPhone

This app from the book retailing has a lot going for it. But how does it measure up to Amazon's mobile offering?

Movies and Movies & Theaters for iPhone

Flixster has made a number of improvements, large and small, to Movies since we last reviewed it. As for Movies & Theaters, it suffers from several drawbacks.

Gun apps for iPhone

Every child knows that just about any inanimate object -- sticks, blocks, a finger -- can double as a gun. But how about an iPhone? Ben Boychuk tried several apps to see if there's an entertaining gun simulator in the App Store.