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Ben Boychuk is associate editor of City Journal, a public-policy magazine, where he oversees the magazine's coverage of California. He's also a columnist for ScrippsHoward News Service and the Sacramento Bee. He lives in Southern California with his wife, two children, their cat, and an albino corn snake named Bart Karateman.

News Addict for iPhone

While not as thorough or as customizable as an RSS reader, News Addict is still a solid one-stop shop for news.

Another look at Where To? for the iPhone

A series of updates since our initial review has Ben Boychuk rethinking his opinion of this location-based business finder.

Public Radio and Public Radio Tuner for iPhone

Ben Boychuk looks at a pair of public radio apps, Public Radio and Public Radio Tuner. On the balance, Public Radio Tuner is the slightly better choice on the basis of its interface and (non-existent) price.

Instapaper 2 for iPhone

It wouldn't be quite right to say that Instapaper 2 improves upon perfection. Rather, this update to the app that saves Web articles on your iPhone or iPod touch to read later refines the simplicity, which is arguably Instapaper Pro's greatest appeal.

Shortcovers for iPhone

Reading an e-book with the Shortcovers app is fine, as far as mobile e-book readers on the iPhone go. But this app's nice interface doesn't go nearly far enough. for iPhone

This app looks and feels a lot like the left-leaning news and opinion Web site. But the app suffers from a number of technical glitches that make it an unreliable mobile news companion.

iVideo Cocktails for iPhone

If you have any doubts about how to make a drink or you just want to see how professional barmen ply their trade, the video lessons in iVideo Cocktails will not disappoint.

President for iPhone

Part who's-who, part search tool, part news app, President gives activists, journalists and interested citizens a one-stop shop of vital data on the current presidential administration.

PoliticoTracker for iPhone

The promising politicoTracker lets you sort news and information about your favorite (or least favorite) politicians. And a companion app keeps tabs on their posts to the Twitter microblogging service.

Tiki+ for iPhone

A companion app to Skorpiotech's indispensable Cocktails+, this tiki-themed database of drink recipes mixes stellar content with social networking features.

iPhone 3G S line: Scenes from a mall

We've given you snapshots from around the country of what went down at the iPhone 3G S's release on Friday. But what's the atmosphere really like at one of these launch events. Ben Boychuk, our man in Rancho Cucamonga, spent the morning at an Apple Store to find out.

More wine apps for the iPhone

We follow up on our March round-up of wine apps with a look at a trio of programs that can tell you what wine goes with what entree. And we top it off with a fourth app that aims to educate novice oenophiles.

Newspapers and World Newspapers for iPhone

Newspapers and World Newspapers do readers a service by collecting what amounts to hundreds of bookmarks and putting them in a more-or-less easy to navigate application. But there are other options out there that iPhone and iPod touch owners may find more appealing.

Mob games for the iPhone

Mafia Wars and iMobsters both give iPhone and iPod touch users the chance to live the life of a mobile mafioso. But which of the two games has won Ben Boychuk's heart and mind?

Eucalyptus for iPhone

What sets Eucalyptus apart from other iPhone-based e-book readers is how it takes the cold, forbidding, and ugly type so typical of public-domain e-books and makes it gorgeous.