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Ben Boychuk is associate editor of City Journal, a public-policy magazine, where he oversees the magazine's coverage of California. He's also a columnist for ScrippsHoward News Service and the Sacramento Bee. He lives in Southern California with his wife, two children, their cat, and an albino corn snake named Bart Karateman.

White Noise and Ambiance 2.0 for iPhone

White Noise is a solid ambient noise application that gives you the power to manipulate the pitch and balance of the sounds you are hearing. Ambiance 2 is a radically overhauled sequel to a popular ambient noise app. Ben Boychuk gives both a listen.

Next Read, revisited

A major update has dramatically improved this book-tracking app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Ben Boychuk takes another look at Next Read.

Congress+ for iPhone

If you are an activist or just and interested citizen, Congress+, and its extensive database of information on the legislative branch, is indispensable.

Sticky News for iPhone

More a news ticker than a news reader, Sticky News takes an unconventional approach to delivering headlines to your iPhone or iPod touch. It’s an interesting effort, though it may be a little too high concept for most news junkies.

iPhone book readers: eReader, Bookshelf, iFlow

Three more iPhone book readers come under the microscope.

The iPhone e-book readers' guide

With the arrival of Kindle for iPhone, it's worth looking at all the e-book readers that are out there for the iPhone, and see what they offer and what they lack.

Kindle for iPhone

Ben Boychuk reviews Amazon’s Kindle application for the iPhone.

Variety for iPhone

Hollywood’s must-read news source comes to the iPhone and iPod touch. But it’s somewhat less the sum of its parts.

Review: Layoff & Hiring News for iPhone

With an RSS feed that fills you in on the latest job loss reports—as well as who’s hiring—Layoff & Hiring News gives you all the bad news you can stomach in a no-frills package.

Review: Wine apps for the iPhone

The wine apps available via the App Store run the gamut from offerings geared toward the most serious connoisseur to ones designed with the novice oenophile in mind. Ben Boychuk samples five wine-themed apps to find the ones worth a hearty toast.

Review: Stanza for iPhone

This electronic book and RSS feed reader is a first-rate and versatile app. But proclamations that it can turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a mini-Kindle are a little premature.

Review: Next Read for iPhone

This app for tracking which books you want to read is a bibliophile’s dream. Unfortunately, its usefulness is weighed down by a cumbersome and counterintuitive ranking system.

Review: AppSniper for iPhone

AppSniper might not be the ultimate bargain finder for savvy app shoppers, but it does yeoman’s work if you have the time and patience to browse.

Review: Tapping of the Dead: Deluxe Edition for iPhone

In The Tapping of the Dead: Deluxe Edition, you battle zombies by tapping them. And tapping them again. And tapping them some more. It’s not the most challenging game in the world.

Review: Pinboard for iPhone

Pinboard stands out from other apps thanks to a clever interface that lets you arrange notes with a tap and a drag. It’s a great tool for brainstormers.