Agile Messenger HD for iPad launched

A version of Agile Messenger, a cross-platform instant messaging app, is now available for the iPad.

Cockpit Recorder app for iPhone updated

Cockpit Recorder, an app that records video and audio as well as G-force and location data from inside a car, has been updated.

Apple App Store

Analyst: iOS app downloads 'to beat music downloads by March'

With downloads from the App Store rapidly approaching the 10 billion mark, how long will it be before apps outsell music?

Apple granted solar-power patent

A patent for solar-powered, portable devices has been granted to Apple, which the company has seemingly attempted to keep as low-key as possible.

Beatles Cut a Better iTunes Royalty Deal

The Beatles' label Apple Corps is apparently paid directly by iTunes, which implies a more lucrative deal than standard agreements.

Subsidised iPad deals not taking off in UK?

Unconfirmed figures suggest that UK sales of iPads with a mobile data plan have been far lower than Orange expected.

VAT hike hits Apple prices in UK

Mac users in the UK will pay more to buy an Apple product after the company raised its UK prices in line with the hike in VAT.


VAT increase: Apple prices to rise in UK?

Monday could be the last day for UK customers to get the best deal on a host of Apple products with a VAT increase due to come into force on Tuesday.