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Ben Long is the author of Complete Digital Photography, fourth edition (Charles River Media, 2007). More of Ben’s work can be found at Complete Digital Photography.

pumpkins halloween

The secret to spooky jack-o-lantern photos

Show off your ghoulish creation with these simple photography tricks.

Tips for taking better holiday photos

During the holidays, someone is bound to get out a camera to grab some festive snapshots. Follow some of these photo tips and guidelines to get the best images possible.

Pick the best camera for the job

There is no one perfect camera. But if you need one suited to a specific kind of photography, you can get the best camera for your needs by looking for specific features.

Why we love Instagram, Hipstamatic, and the lo-fi photo trend

Why are the dingy, ill-colored, sometimes washed out images created by lo-fi photo filter apps so appealing? To understand that, you have to accept something very fundamental about the nature of photography.

How to take great macro photographs

Macro photography is any type of shooting where you're extremely close to a detail or small object. You can capture great macro images with a SLR, point-and-shoot, and even an iPhone. Whichever camera you choose to use, here are some tips to remember.

Snapseed raises the bar for iPad image editors

Nik Software's Snapspeed has interfaces that are designed from the ground up to be gestural. These interfaces make Snapseed easier to use than any other iPad image editing app, and ultimately, allow you to make more effective edits.

On the road with a camera, an iPad, and a Hyperdrive

Ben Long takes a photography trip to Turkey, leaving his MacBook Air at home in favor of an iPad and a HyperDrive.

Review: Acorn 3 image editor

Priced at $50, Acorn 3 is a full featured image editor with a lot of high-end features, including raw conversion, multiple layers, vector graphics. What’s not entirely clear is who it’s aimed at.

Pentax K-r

If you're looking for a small, lightweight, inexpensive starter camera, then the Pentax K-r is a great choice. With its huge array of features and nice image quality, it might end up being the only SLR you never need.

Flare 1.0

Flare offers a simple, iPhone-inspired interface that makes it easy for novice photo editors to add fun, stylized color effects and borders without requiring a trip to a more complicated program like Photoshop.

Photo basics: How to compose a photograph